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“Help Us Rise” Beirut Relief Effort

We help displaced owners of small businesses and the families who lost their homes in Beirut.

On the 4th of August, the world witnessed the massive destruction of one of the oldest cities in the world; Beirut. In the aftermath today, all sectors of society within and beyond the explosion’s 6-mile epicenter are confronted with lasting physical and psychological damage that requires immediate attention. 

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, joined by friends, alliances and the world at large, is taking a proactive initiative to join the Lebanese people in their effort to rise from the ashes of this terrible tragedy.

Our mission

Since 1976, Anthony R. Abraham and his late wife Genevieve devoted their lives to helping others. Their son Thomas currently serves as Chairman and his sister Norma Jean serves as Vice-Chair. Thomas has made numerous trips to Lebanon in support of the foundation’s work over the past twenty years. Initiatives for Lebanon include The Genevieve Abraham School of Nursing, The Lebanese Hospital-Geitawi, The School for the Blind and Deaf, The Spastic Center, Lebanese American University, Beirut Marathon, The Rene Moawad Foundation, Little Sisters of Nazareth, and others.

Our vision

“To love, honor, respect and empower the lives of the suffering, hopeless and forgotten.” Thomas G Abraham.

The Anthony R. Abraham Foundation is committed to joining the global effort to secure the necessary funds and resources, through fundraising initiatives and community partnerships, and generate a much-needed, positive impact in the lives of the Lebanese people who have lost their loved ones, homes and their businesses, and who will rise again from the ashes of despair towards new horizons. As they say, we cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails; and adjust we will.

The guardians and champions of “Help Us Rise”
What they do…

UNIT 1: Small enterprise: Raymond- Appliance maintenance- 6 people benefiting are benefiting from this business

Dimension: 58 m2

Location: Sioufi- Achrafieh

Estimated cost of rehabilitation: 2,760 USD

Raymond, repairs home appliances and televisions in his shop and has an employee who works with him. His shop was damaged during the explosion in Beirut. The glass facade was completely broken, and the goods in the shop were also damaged. Raymond has 3 children and he barely managed to secure their basic needs. He cannot afford to repair the damages in his shop, especially that his income was badly hit by the latest economic crisis in the country. He didn’t receive any help from anyone. With RMF support, he can ensure to generate income again.


UNIT 2: Small enterprise: Ets. Khalil Zouein – 5 people are benefiting from this business

Location: 69 m2

Location: Pasteur Steet- Gemmayzeh- Beirut

Cost of new equipment: $2200

Fares owns a small grocery and sandwish shop in Pasteur street, Gemmayzeh district in Beirut. He took over his father’s grocery shop- Khalil Zoueinto secure his livelihood and procure the necessary needs for his unemployed spouse and his ten years twin boys. During the massive explosion that rocked Beirut port in August 4, 2020, Fares was injured. His shop was damaged and all the existing equipment were broken.

Two months and half after the blast, Fares is trying to repair the damages to reopen his shop and generate income again. Fares and his brother fixed few broken equipment, painted the walls, replaced the main door and the interior damages. He is in desperate need for financial assistance to replace the broken equipment and buy the goods to start working and serving clients.

UNIT 3:Joseph– 5 people live in this unit

Dimension:125 m2

Location:Rmeil- Achrafieh

Estimatedrehabilitationcost : 2,900 USD

Joseph is a married man with two sons. His mother in law lives with them. He works as a coach in a sport club and his wife works in a company where she earns half salary after Beirut explosion. His house was damaged badly from the explosion, and the walls, doors and windows were totally shattered. They moved to live with their relatives in Beirut. They received little support from a local organization, but were not able to fix the rest. They are in dire need to continue the rehabilitation works to return to their house again.

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